Hi there and welcome to my online resume! I’ve just moved in and am still getting everything unpacked, so please pardon the mess..

Carina began acting onstage at an early age in her home state of Delaware. She did numerous shows at the Delaware Children’s Theatre and other local theatres before heading to Virginia for college. She continued acting at George Mason University until she graduated in 2010 with dual BA degrees in Communication and Theatre. After her entrance into the real world, Carina began acting in and around the Washington, DC area. Some of her credits include: Bobbie in Stage Door (American Century Theater), Zoe in Principles of Dramatic Writing (Source Festival), and Ain’t in PUN: (n.) a play on words (Blacktop Theatre Company).

While she was still studying at GMU, Carina landed a project with the Food & Drug Administration which jumpstarted her film experience in the area. She continued to work in front of the camera in projects such as Genuine Gypsy Productions’ feature film To Pull a Stunt, the DC Film Festival with Rising Phoenix Productions, and multiple jobs with Simmersion LLC. Because of those projects, Carina discovered her love of on-camera acting and decided to make the 3,000-mile trek from Washington, DC to Hollywood.

One cross-country road trip later, Carina found herself in sunny Los Angeles, California where she is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry..



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